Absolute Beginners

Learn How to Write Japanese Alphabets: 

1. The easiest way to learn Hiragana 

1.a What are these things ” ,  ” doing?!

1.b Why are these ゃ ゅ ょ っ so small?

2. The easiest way to learn Katakana

3. Kanji guide

4. How to build a sentence in Japanese

Japanese Free Lessons for Absolute Beginners :


Learn japanese online free for beginners

Japanese Grammar Guide :

1. Japanese particles 101

More in depth :
∟ Differences between が (ga) vs は (wa)

∟ Difference between で (de) vs に (ni) vs へ (e) 


2. Japanese verb conjugation

Masu form
(form used for formal speech – present simple, negation, past tense, past negative)

TE form
(request, informal past tense, present continuous, past continuous)

Passive, Causative

Japanese Important Phrases :

1. How to THANK properly + you’re welcome

2. Japanese Slang すごい (sugoi) and かっこいい (kakkoii)


  1. Hello Misa, I found your videos on YouTube and they are great. So I set up an iTalki account (Kirk), to learn more from you but it says I can’t book any of your sessions. Can you please let me know when/ how as I’m super keen. I have been taking lessons at a language school for 5 months already so have a basic knowledge but think you explain it really well too. Kirk from New Zealand =)

    1. Thank you so much!! I’m very sorry but I’m currently very busy with other jobs but I’ll start accepting new students in the future. Hope you can find alternative options to learn Japanese! >.<

  2. Im still pretty new at this but I have a question. when I have seen Japanese writing in anime and other things its a mix of hiragana and katakana. as someone learning to write these how do u know which characters to use??

      1. Konnichiwa Misa…I will be traveling to Shinjuku prefecture soon for my first trip to Japan. Which i believe is an “inner area” of the city of Tokyo. Please correct me if i’m wrong about that…? And i’m wondering how helpful the native people will be to me. Once i land at Haneda in terms of getting around the airport and finding my hotel etc…? Considering my Japanese is VERY limited. I will most likely be using an app on my Android cell phone that has speech to speech recognition. What that means is i can speak in English and it will come out in Japanese. And the Japanese speaker speaks in his/her native language and it automatically translates to English for me. I suppose that is “cheating” instead of learning the language myself. However, the thing is i want to communicate the best i possibly can and think that this app will help my 2 week stay in Shinjuku be much more enjoyable. Also, i wanted to know is Shinjuku considered the”homosekushuaru district “of Tokyo…? As I am an openly gei man and have specifically chosen this area for a reason. So that my visit is a bit more comfortable and convenient to bars/nightlife etc…Also i was wondering what is the taxi fare from Haneda airport to Shinjuku cost…? I have been reading online that it can be anywhere from 8-10,000 yen and that’s only one way…!!! That’s roughly $100-150 US dollars and realize that taxi/limo service in Tokyo is VERY expensive. But i find the Railway system VERY confusing after looking at maps online. And the last thing i want to do is get lost in a foreign country…!!! So if you could help me out with that information and any other information i mentioned above i would GREATLY appreciate it. Arigatou gozaimasu…!!! :)

        1. Sorry my website was down for a few weeks and had too many spams and didn’t realise your message.
          You are probably already in Tokyo! I hope you enjoy your trip!
          As for the “homosekushuaru” district, you wanna go to “Shinjuku Ni-choume”. Shinjuku is huge and normally it’s considered to be the businessmen district.
          And yes, taxi costs a fortune! From Haneda to Shinjuku you should take a buss or train. I’d recommend using a buss as it’s pretty comfortable and you don’t have to change the lines and stuff.

  3. I trust your system of blogs and i appreciate them! I find you articles interesting ,especially when you talk about Japan! I want to be fluent one day and you help a lot so thank you!

  4. Hi Misa Just starting out learning Japanese and came across your Youtube channel. I found it really useful and your way of explaining things was interesting. I will keep watching hopefully some of it will sink in and will be able to read and write and speak a bit. I find Japan a interesting people and culture with a lot of history so i hope to go visit sometime.

    Thanks for your very useful and helpful website/Youtube, Keep up the good work.

  5. はじめまして。I’ve been a fan of anime/manga since I was in 7th grade, and I’ve seen gotten back into it a couple years ago. I watched some of your videos on YouTube, and I did not realize you had a website as well! I’m very pleased to find this out! ^_^ I’m hoping to learn all that I can about the Japanese language, and pleased to have a wonderful teacher such as yourself as a guide. I’ve since put the Japanese language into my computer so I can learn to type it more effectively, and also read it at the same time.. I’m not sure how much it will help. I am also using a language learning app that is separated into subject chapters, and I have learned how to speak many sentences, and learned so many words I did not know before! I just wanted to say thank you for your work, and I hope to learn much more from a native speaker than I would just from an app and my own personal studies. ありがとうございます。

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