#1 Japanese Lesson for Absolute Beginners by a Native Teacher

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Hi! It’s Misa! I’m an experienced Japanese tutor.
This series is for absolute beginners who want to learn Japanese.
If you were thinking about learning Japanese but haven’t started, then this is a great opportunity!
Have no fear! I’ll make sure it’s easy to understand so that you can follow along easily :)
If you have any questions, leave them on the comment section.
Also don’t be a passive learner! Take notes and repeat words.

Haven’t learned Hiragana and Katakana yet?
Check out my free awesome guides :
Click here for hiragana guide.
Click here for katakana guide.


This time I’m teaching the most basic grammar construction in Japanese :

X は Y です。

X wa Y desu
* You don’t pronounce the last U. *

= As for X / Speaking of X , it is Y.

Watch the video and learn how to say
I am ~ (e.g American / British / Australian / Canadian / New Zealander / Scottish / Irish, etc…)”

Why こんにちは (kon-ni-chi-wa = Hello)  is spelled like this?
All the mysteries will be explained!


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