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How to say “bendy” and “stiff” in Japanese?

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How to say "bendy" and "stiff" in Japanese?

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You are talking to a Japanese girl in English.
Apparently she’s been doing ballet for a long time.
And “That’s why my body is soft! ^.^“, she says.
All of sudden, your hentai mind gets turned on.
But wait, did she really mean that? Probably not.

In Japanese 体が柔らかい (karada ga yawarakai) means “bendy.

体 (karada) means “body” and 柔らかい (yawarakai) usually means “soft , tender“.

And the opposite “My body is stiff” would be “体が硬い” (karada ga katai).

かたい means “hard / solid” as in “This bread is hard”,

not as in “Japanese is hard” = “日本語は難しい nihongo wa muzukashii”.

However when you want to say “My shoulders are stiff” or “My neck is stiff”, say


“肩が凝ってる kata ga kotteru”

– My shoulders are sitff.

“首が凝ってる kubi ga kotteru”

– My neck is stiff.

~ga kotteru. But not “katai”.


And if you want to say that your body is actually soft, you can say

“ぷにぷにしてる” (puni puni shiteru)

– it’s an onomatopoeia expression (colloquial) for “being squishy“.

By the way, we pronounce やわらかい like やらかいyarakai“.

So if a Japanese girl says that, don’t go too pervy all over her yet, saying “OhhOhhOhh can I touchhhh you ehehehhee”,
just ask if she meant “she’s bendy / her body is flexible”. If she did mean that she is puni-puni, well, go ahead and be Hentai.

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